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Panchakarma Therapy for chronic diseases, like Hair loss, Acid peptic disorder, Asthma, Arthritis, Obesity, Psoriasis, other auto-immune diseases etc. in India

REJUVINATION THERAPY, Ayruvedic Therapy and Panchakarma Therapy like Abhyang, swedan, shirodhara, kati basti, janu basti, hraday basti

Meet our Doctors

Dr. Dinesh Pandya

Dr. Dinesh Pandya

Dr. Dinesh C Pandya is a pioneer of this rejuvenation centre. Idea of this centre he got from his father Late Dr. C L Pandya who was a well known ayurvedic physician of Gujarat. Dr. Dinesh C Pandya is a bridge between Allopathic and Ayurveda.

He did his Post graduation in Ayurveda and did PhD in {Pharmacology} from Baroda Medical College, Baroda (M. S. University, Baroda) under Dr. O D Gulati who is a well known pharmacologist of India. Dr. Pandya was working as a Senior Research Officer at S.U.P.A.R. Unit, Dept of Pharmacology, and Medical Collage Baroda for 15 years. He has presented research papers in national and international conferences of Pharmacology. He worked in the field of Gastroenterology especially on acid peptic Disorder.

He was appointed as a physician at Maharshi Ayurveda Prevention centre in Fairfield, USA. He is practicing in Ayurvedic system of medicine from 1969. He has developed his own cultivation of Ayurvedic herbs for the patients at hospital.

Dr. Kumudben Pandya
Dr. Kumudben Pandya

Dr {Mrs.} Kumud Pandya is practicing Ayurveda for last 20 years. She looks after for different panchakarma procedures at MAHC. Her field of interest is obesity and its related ailment. She has huge experience of treating osteoarthritis.

Dr. Avni Pandya

Dr. Avani Pandya

Dr. Avani Pandya is a young, enthusiastic and experienced Ayurvedic Doctor. She did her graduation from Govt. Ayurvedic College, Vadodara. She is providing health services as a chief physician at Vayaskashram Ayurhomoeo Charitable Rahat Hospital.

Her fields of interest are Gynecologic disorder, Male and Female infertility.

Arthritis, Migraines, Hay Fever, .Bronchitis, Psoriasis etc. She has treated number of cases with Panchakarma. She is an expert for autoimmune disorders with rejuvenation therapy and panchakarma. At present she looks after MAHC as a Chief Physician.

Dr. Jaydev Pandya
Dr. Jaydev Pandya

Dr.Jaydev Pandya is a young Homeopathic Doctor. He is a chief Physician of Panchakarma and Homeopathic wing at MAHC.He is also Working at different charitable dispensary.